Our Mascot

Of course a business that calls itself the Starship Cat has to have a cat as a mascot. And Serta is one very special little cat for us.

She may not look like much on the surface -- just an ordinary little orange tabby domestic shorthair. But she is one very lucky little kitty.

Serta started life as an alley cat, living catch-as-catch-can. Then she survived nearly being crushed under some mattresses being discarded from a house where some problem tenants had been evicted.

Fortunately she was found in time, and we were in a position to take in a rescue kitty. She's made quite a remarkable recovery, and although she doesn't have quite as much spring in her hips and sometimes her hindquarters wobble when she runs, but it doesn't keep her from getting into plenty of mischief.

Last updated February 7, 2010.