Steampunk Conventions

Although the Starship Cat had its beginning as a bookseller at science fiction conventions, we have branched out into other lines of merchandise as science fiction fandom has segmented to develop conventions appealing to particular fandoms. Among these specialized conventions are those devoted to steampunk, an alternate history subgenre focused upon imagining more rapid technological development in the late nineteenth century, England's Victorian Era and America's Gilded Age.

When we are preparing to attend a steampunk convention, we select merchandise that will appeal particularly to fans of this subgenre. In selecting the books we will be offering, we prioritize the books that deal with these sorts of alternate histories, as well as books that deal with imagined worlds in which one finds similar types and levels of technologies.

As we have become a t-shirt dealer as well, when we are preparing to attend a steampunk convention, we select t-shirts with steampunk themes. Some of them are slogans, while others feature imaginary advertisements for the sorts of devices one might find in a steampunk world.

For those who enjoy costuming, we offer a wide variety of accessories such as fans and parasols, watches and the like. What Victorian lady could be without a fine silk parasol and hand fan? What Gilded Age gentleman would go forth without an appropriately ornate pocket watch to make sure he arrives at the board meeting of his corporation on time?

At venues which permit the sales of weapons, we can offer a wide variety of swords and knives.

We also sell a wide variety of whimsical figures. What Victorian parlor or Gilded Age sitting room could be without a charming fairy or a gloomy gargoyle?

Last updated December 6, 2013.